Creative endeavors and the gifted individuals who give birth to them, are the life blood of the world. Without them, we would never achieve our goals. They are are the greatest gift to our humanity. It is because they push forward that we progresses through technology, the arts, sports and our all we take for granted in our everyday lives. We take pride and enjoy every aspect of the creative world. It is a part of our every waking moment. It is for this reason 2395 was birthed. We must support the creative processes and setup a means to which it is able to thrive. Not only for those parts of our lives that help us function on a practical level, but to help us expand our presence, improve our intellectual stability and let it take us beyond what we have ever dreamt could be possible.



The vetting process will be based on originality, individuality, talent, uniqueness, ground breaking and/or game changing qualities, the willingness to work toward what may seem like insurmountable goals, the perspective that nothing is beyond your reach, to escape the conventional paths and sense of achievement, among many other criteria. It will also be based on how the Artist will represent 2395 to the public to ensure other Artists will still receive the funding needed to survive and prosper. The willingness to give back a percentage of future earnings to help those who are starting, struggling or less fortunate. Understanding that giving back is just a TaxBenifit and Charitable Contribution, but instead it is a unique gift that only they can provide. They will need to be aware that every Artist is a spokesperson for 2395 and the Artists they represent. Knowing that the services provided will be available again if needed by any Alumni. 



Each year, 5 new Acts and 5 new Artists will be added. Unless slots open due to attrition or growth. If the growth of 2395 itself exceeds expectations, then a reevaluation will be held to assess additional slots, more resources and a larger or additional facility. If the growth of 2395 is slower than expected, then budgets will be assessed to find ways add new Artists. If there are less than the required amount of qualified Artists available to add, then the focus and  a portion of 2395’s resources for that time period will be dedicated to existing Artists. As well as furthering the marketing efforts to bring a wider awareness of 2395, its goals and it’s Artists.

Because Artists will be working within a collaborative and collective environment, they may not need all the resources available and may combine resources for greater growth within themselves, forming partnerships, groups, businesses, alliances, etc., to  further their careers and their Art. Thereby adding to the growth of 2395 and its current, new and alumni Artists.

Projected growth over the next 5 years will be due to effectively utilizing the correct resources and relationships. Allowing 2395 to become a formidable force for Artists and the world community. Launching Sustainable Apparel Companies, Music Careers, Films, Books, Television, Galleries, Stage Productions, Sporting Events, etc. At the end of the first 5 years, 2395 should be a fully sustainable entity, making use of contributions, donations and funding as way to grow and help Artists.



Goals set in place for evaluation at the end of each year. 

Year 1: Half of all Artists should be self sufficient

Year 2: Artists should be working under their own sustainable umbrella.

Year 3: Artists should be giving back additional proceeds.

Year 4: Artists should be a separate and complete corporate entity of their own.

Year 5: Artists should be a source of funding for 2395.