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'THE MAN. THE MYTH. THE LEGEND.' Digital Booklet

In the weeks before the release, the long awaited second album from multitalented Artist, David John Ricci, has been called 'The most ambitious album of all time'. It has also been deemed 'A Creative and Vocal Tour de force', because of the albums unique strength to explore a multitude of genres without falling prey the derivative. 


As a first release from his new venture 'The Rebel Cause Record Label, the bar has been set to a new height, a cornerstone that other artists will use as benchmark. On this record is a fearless innovator, an Artist with unlimited voices and ground breaking ideas. With the exception five songs, all the music was written, performed and produced entirely by David John Ricci. Who has applied his touch to genres from Classical to Punk, Country to Jazz as well as Funk and Americana.


This is a 24 song, 3 album landmark is a teaser of the work being stockpiled for release over the next year. This is the launch of a creative venture started with Pete McClanahan (formerly of Warrior Soul). 'THE MAN. THE MYTH. THE LEGEND.', is the jumping off point for the production team, the literal 'tip of the iceberg'. They will be introducing several new Artists and Albums from aspiring new label 'THE REBEL CAUSE' over the course the next year. This is the beginning of  many years of music from these prolific innovators. Their goal is to break new ground and introduce a new way to produce, write and perform.

For Producer, Performer and Songwriter David John Ricci, the past few years have been a productive road. Launching a Record Label as well as a Non-Profit Artist Development Collaborative, has left little time to complete a novel and several Film projects. Yet even with his time becoming a increasingly precious commodity, he was able to find time to finish a three record - two hour long album, several releases in tandem with other Artists and yet another set of solo albums in production.


At the end of 2014, he embarked on creative partnership with former Warrior Soul Bass Player and Songwriter/Producer Pete McClanahan. In that time, they have written and produced a lifetimes worth of material in that touches on most every genre. As if that wasn't enough, David John Ricci has a Novel in its final stages, several Films in pre production, a Documentary in post production, along with building a Podcast and Youtube Network.


His past has been rich with work, having played and recorded with members of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Roomful of Blues, The Ray Charles Band, Duke Robillard, The Ed King Band, Warrior Soul, Toronto, The Blues Kings, Al Kooper and worked for several production companies developing artists and working as ghost musician and writer for many artists.

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'Alive and Kicking - Studio.' Digital Booklet
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