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In a day and age when anyone can create Art and sell it instantly, why would a company be needed to back them. The answer is simple, Access. Access to thrive, to earn a living, collaboration, resources, promotion, advertising, money management, to have the power and influence of company to open any door,  Touring, Television, Distribution, Music Supervision, Equipment, Legal, Financial, Education, Career Management, Marketing , PR, Licensing, etc. If an Artist were to go it alone, it would be very difficult to obtain any access without a certain amount clout, fame or influence on the market. The problem with signing a contract with a normal Artist Agency, Record Label, Film Studio, Apparel Company, Manufacturer, Publisher, etc., is that the Artist is not given a sustainable future. They are set up with recoupable assets, a loan to be  succinct. This type arrangement leaves the artist in debt. They remain in the red until they have the power to pull themselves into the green.  They are put in an unartistic position, to be overtly commercial viable. What was once an Artistic endeavor becomes watered down product, a copy of themselves or worse a copy of another Artist. Their contracts and their lives become very unstable and subject to cancellation, if they do not comply.  Bottom line, It becomes about money, the art becomes a  loosely based on Art product, instead of creating something new and unique. Because of the way the market has been setup, art is slow to evolve and at times void of any value. This replica of Art floods the market and forces Artists to comply or they will never really have the chance to survive, unless by luck or circumstance.




2395’s option is to offer a a side by side comparison in the market. Show consumers, Artists and Businesses the output of Artist who develop on their own terms. With the means to do so under the guidance and strength of a single entity. This will allow the market to be changed and fortified on a continual basis, instead  of stagnating in a tepid pool mediocrity. Artists have never been given the chance to prosper, to have artists of other disciplines help them produce their vision without the burden of a corporation driving them further and further away from their true vision. 




We put all of this in the hands of Artists, who sole motivation is their creative vision. Art is integral to our lives and should be treated with honor and respect. In doing so, a whole new attraction will form, allowing disciplines to evolve and change. Presenting an iconic value that when created, draws unique attention and builds lasting relationships with the Artists and the Mediums in which they work. Anything associated with the Artists will be raised to that level and achieve formidable notoriety. 



At this time, the market is void of any interactive and cooperative placement of talent for the sole purpose of creating Art. Companies are instead, taking on a small portions or utilizing other businesses to perform a majority of these tasks, such as Film Studios and Major Record Labels.  But their purpose is different on both counts, their objective is profit, not Art. Profit is admirable, but not  at the sake of Art. Art should be the vehicle that attracts Profit, instead of Profit driving Ideas.  As it often does, when a specific market is ripe for change. Without fate stepping in an opening doors for the small independent Artist these times can be few and far between unless the change is engineered. For instance,  in the Film world, it is very hard and sometimes impossible to get a Film of any quality completed or even for that matter, green lit. Within 2395’s concept, this perspective will be turned 180 degrees and films will be green lit  based on the Artists Vision, Time and Resources. Utilizing all the disciplines under one roof to achieve the final Master Work.



The Goal of 2395 and the Artists it represents is to become immersed in the culture, not a simply a brand, product and face but instead moving more toward  becoming cultural iconic mainstays, strong and with certain longevity. Not simply sustaining itself but becoming an integrated part of the culture. Each element of the Marketing and Immersion mixture is important. The goal is to tie the brand into daily life and combine it with  traditional and groundbreaking marketing efforts. Creating a sought after brand with diverse cult appeal.