2395 Media Entertainment is a Non Profit Corporation that spotlights Conventional and Unconventional Music, Film, Publishing, Apparel, Athletics, Art, Merchandise and Entertainment typically overshadowed and overlooked by mainstream ideologies. Working with Artists who desire to create groundbreaking works that speak to the shared experiences of all generations. 2395 will provide fair Compensation, Complete and Honorable Royalties, Expanded Revenue Sources, Healthcare, Education and Investment Resources to its Artists. In doing this, Artists, in a range of disciplines, will be provided the opportunity to thrive, to find hope, to grow in  a nurtured environment,  to collaborate between disciplines, to build avenues for their art and perpetuate a means to survive. This will be completed by building a foundation of sustainable prosperity, providing appropriate resources, discovering resources that are ahead of the curve, offering guidance, providing continuous education and developing multiple long term paths to a strong future.  As each Artist transitions into their own entity, they will be able to give back and become a resource for 2395, its other Artists and the world community.



Establish and grow 2395 Media Entertainment into a full service Record Label, Publishing House, Merchandising and Brand Marketer, Apparel Design House, Athletic Resources, Artist Development and Management Agency, Artist Collective and Cooperative, Film Production House and Multimedia Company, Software and Game Development House, Invention and Innovation Collaborative, as well a sought after resource.
Create a steady stream of revenue from Film and Television Distribution, Blueray/DVD Sales, Record Sales, Digital Sales, Merchandising, Licensing, Videos, Publishing, Distribution, Live Performances and Stage Productions, Book Sales, Apparel Sales, Sponsorships, Events, Fundraising, Inventions and Innovations, Rental, Patents, Contract Work, Touring, Education,  Sporting Events, Applications, Products, etc.




Salary only includes one discipline. If an Artist works in more than one or several disciplines, the individual will only be paid via one discipline. 



Compensation can be obtained through several disciplines, allowing Artists to build a financial future. The goal is to create a secure future for each Artist. To give the Artist the resources to obtain that goal. 


Salary and Compensation

Artists will work on a balance pay system. As their income increases, their salary will decrease and increase accordingly. When the Artist rises above monthly, salary will be halted unless they begin to fall below monthly. This will allow funds to be available to help other Artists and all Artists to maintain consistent standard of living.









Investments Resources

403b, IRA, Investment, Retirement, Wealth, Financial Planning and Household Budget Planning will be offered to employees through a qualified and secure Investment Bank and other Financial Services to help insure a sustainable future for each Artist and employee. Along with the maximum retirement employer contributions.




Work with Music Supervisors, Casting Directors, Sponsors, Radio, Sports Teams, Television, Film Studios, Promotors, Distributors, Ad Agencies, Corporations, Publishing, Clothing Lines, etc., to build Brand awareness for 2395 and each Artist. Growing their careers while developing the Artists, personally and culturally, increasing their education and knowledge base.




Consultants that will include Business Professionals, Attorneys, Accountants, Musicians, Film Makers, Designers, Actors, Athletes, Celebrities, Authors  and Artists at every level in their career.




Time is great resource. Those who would like to consult on a business level or contribute either virtual, video or become an in person resource to help develop 2395 and/or its Artists, are welcome.